I Am The Last Romantic.

Black heart. Black soul. I am so alive. I am so alone.

Anonymous asked: Would you like to be in a relationship?


mainly I would like to be dead 


One of the most profound moments from The Future.

Let me touch you with my words
For my hands lie limp as empty gloves
Let my words stroke your hair
Slide down your back
And tickle your belly
For my hands, light and free flying as bricks
Ignore my wishes
And stubbornly refuse to carry out my quietest desires
Let my words enter your mind
Bearing torches
Admit them willingly into your being
So they may caress you gently

—Mark O’Brien - Love poem to no one in particular

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He loved me. He was a complex person with layers of percolating emotions, some of them spiritual, some tortured in a more secular way, and he burned for me. This complicated flame of being was mine.

No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July (via treesofreverie)

I gave you things I wasn’t sure I even had.

Miranda July 

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